2016 is a year of Jubilee!
Miracles and restoration are ours to receive.

Now id the time and this is the day
To boldly proclaim
“It’s mine, I take it NOW by faith!”

As we yield to The Anointing
There is will be,
Miracles of salvation and healing
For those around us in need.

So I will share the Gospel like never before
And proclaim the Truth to the world,

I will open my heart
And let LOVE have His way!
Whatever God wants I will yield and obey.

Then demonstrations of The Spirit
And signs of His love
Will manifest in the Earth
From Heaven above!

It’s a time of urgency
So I refuse to delay!
His coming is near
And the hour is late.

We won’t be disappointed
If we believe we will see
We already have The Victory
And Jesus is our Jubilee!