In 2018 let freedom ring
It’s a new beginning and
I will do MANY new things

Greater than the natural man
Can think or comprehend
Times of refreshing and new direction
will come in the Spirit like a wind

You must come up higher
to understand and see
You must draw near to hear
So you can walk in step with Me

Do not let it pass by,
opportunities abound
Restoration and favor awaits
all who know the joyful sound

Don’t make any plans
without My guiding hand
For the plans of man will fall
they will not stand

Be diligent to seek Me
in all that you do
Wait on MY plans
And you will see the breakthrough.

Do not get in a hurry
or be slow and lag behind
Let ME set the pace
and My peace you will find

Refuse the struggle
and resist the stress
Learn to listen for My voice
and you will live in the rest

A sincere and earnest heart
is the key to the door
those who burn with holy fire
will unlock the door to more

Multitudes await,
the extravagance of My grace
so arise Church, go
and stand in your place

Positions of influence will open
and you will meet the need
as My anointing comes upon you
giving wisdom to lead

You will shine with My glory
and boldly speak the truth
lies will fall like broken chains
as I speak through you

It’s time for the captives
to be set free
the burdened and oppressed
will shout for joy and sing

Weights are being lifted
and the old pruned away
new growth and abundance
will be openly displayed

It’s all for My glory
so everyone will see
I Am your Heavenly Father
And there is no God like Me